Everything You Need To Know About DNS Server

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A DNS server is considered the center part of the internet. It provides a way to match the website you are looking for to the website address. This means that it translates the domain names into IP addresses. If you are new to this concept and are looking for information regarding it, you have come to the right place. We have mentioned below everything you need to know about this type of server.

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What do you mean by a DNS server?

The full form of DNS can be termed as the Domain Name System. It is also known as the phonebook of the internet. This is because it has information regarding every website that exists on the internet. It helps the users to match the website they are looking for to the website address. Access to information is only possible through the server. The browsers one uses to load the internet results only when the DNS converts the domain name into an IP address. Each device on the internet has its own unique address and this makes it easy to find and record.

What are the different types of a DNS server that are involved in loading a webpage?

DNS Recursor

This server is designed especially to fulfill the customer’s request when it asks for a result through their web browsers. It is also responsible for various other things. For example, it also provides extra information related to the question that is asked. This is done to fulfill the customer’s request for information.

Root Nameserver

This type of DNS server is used as a reference by the domain system to reach specific locations. This is also the first step in converting domain names into IP addresses. This helps the main server to locate the answers related to the query of the customer in a quick and efficient manner.

TLD Nameserver

The hostname has the last portion which is depicted by this. It is also the next step during the process of converting a domain name into an IP address. To explain it in simple words, the TLD nameserver is “com”.

Authoritative Nameserver

This is the last step that is related to the conversion process. You should have access to the requested record to return the IP address back to the main server. The process is thus complete.

The different types of servers or systems involved in the domain name system can be explained through the example of a library. The librarian who is searching for a book is the DNS recursor. Root nameserver is the index that is referred to by a librarian while looking at books and the specific rack of the library is the TLD nameserver. An authoritative nameserver can be linked to a dictionary that is used to define a particular word.

What are the steps that are involved in the DNS server process?

The domain name system involves various steps while converting a domain name into an IP address. To better understand the process, we have mentioned below some steps that are involved in the process of conversion. Once these steps are completed, a request for the webpage is then made possible by the browser.

  • The query of the customer reaches the internet and is received by the DNS recursor resolver.
  • The DNS root nameserver is then queried by the resolver.
  • TLD domain server stores the information of all domains. This is then used by the root server to respond to the resolver.
  • TLD is then requested by the resolver.
  • The IP address of the domain nameserver is responded to by the TLD server.
  • The domain nameserver is sent a query by the recursive resolver.
  • Based on the nameserver, the IP address is returned to the resolver.
  • The IP address is responded through the DNS resolver to the web browser.

What are the benefits of a DNS server?

There are various benefits of using a domain name system server. We have mentioned some benefits below.

  • It is the only system that is available for users to use online and browse the internet.
  • Online transactions are possible through the domain name system server.
  • You can just use the domain name instead of the IP address which makes it a lot easier for the user.
  • You can simply type the name of the website on your web browser and with the help of the DNS, you will be able to access it.
  • The security of the infrastructure of the DNS is enhanced through a domain name system.

These are some important aspects that everyone should know about a DNS server. You should know these things as they are an essential part of the internet. If you are suffering problems with your server, there are various methods that you can use to resolve them. This makes it an attractive concept. Apart from learning more about your computer and the internet, the server is one of the most important concepts that you should be aware of.

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