A Complete manual on How to carry out all steps of Irctc Franchise Registration

Irctc Franchise Registration eadnskeep

EKYC and video processing for IRCTC agent: eKYC and video processing is part of DSC this is required to do DSC. Agents accomplished the Irctc Franchise Registration had been capable of proportion an OTP and make a video earlier than getting the dongle / DSC. DSC is needed for the agent to log into the IRCTC website.

Pros and cons of being an IRCTC price tag agent after Irctc Franchise Registration:


  • Agents can ee-ebook a massive wide variety of IRCTC e-tickets.
  • The IRCTC agent fee is Rs 20/forty in keeping with PNR and as much as 1 in keeping with PG.
  • The agent’s call could be displayed at the IRCTC website.
  • Your enterprise info could be imprinted on the price tag.
  • The educated price tag fare is deducted out of your wallet; consequently, the price tag is made faster.
  • Agents can ee-e book IRCTC excursion packages.


  • Agents cannot ee-e book tatkal tickets earlier than 10:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. for air-conditioned and dormitory training respectively, at the same time as ordinary customers can ee-e book tatkal tickets at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
  • Agents are absolutely depending on their PSPs and could circuitously method the IRCTC.

How lengthy does it take to press the dongle?

The complete system will take 5-7 enterprise days after price is made, PSP will offer DSC / dongle through courier for your office / store / domestic address. Once you acquired the DSC, you’ll get the person identification and password straight away after importing cash to the RDS wallet.

Can I get hold of the dongle with a unique address, if I am now no longer to be had on the registered address?

Yes, dongles are frequently acquired everywhere in India.

How can I cancel my registration?

Registration is frequently cancelled at any time earlier than price is made.

What gadget is needed for the IRCTC agent?

Can tickets be booked beneath favorable situations from the agent’s login?

Yes, the passenger gets all of the advantages supplied with the aid of using IRCTC to the dealers.

How to find the tickets?

Go to MY ACCOUNT – My Transactions – Reserved Ticket History

Do dealers have a separate seat reservation rate?

No, the IRCTC does now no longer award a separate rate to any agent.

Do the dealers have precedence in booking seats?

The IRCTC agent does now no longer have any preference; the reservation system is not unusual place to all.

Can I ee-e book tatkal tickets or tatkal top class tickets?

Agents can simplest ee-e book tatkal tickets.

Are Oldster and different reductions provided on agent booked tickets?

Yes, Passengers gets all of the advantages on tickets booked with the aid of using IRCTC dealers.

What percent of days earlier can I reserve the tickets?

One hundred twenty days earlier than the trip, tickets are frequently booked

How a good deal refund can I get for a showed tatkal price tag?

No refund on showed tatkal tickets

What kind of pc is enough for an IRCTC price tag agent?

For enterprise journey simplest, any low-configuration pc is enough, however with high-pace internet, any computer or pc with the more recent window and hardware is frequently used for ticketing (i3 processor advocated and four GB of RAM).

What running structures are frequently used for IRCTC reservation?

Only a window running device is needed for IRCTC reservations, Apple’s running device isn’t appropriate for Irctc Franchise Registration, however, window-set up Apple computer systems or laptops are frequently used for IRCTC price tag reservations.

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